In all the years of my past law enforcement career, I never had to put up with the assassinations, ambushes, attacks, negative community reactions and downright hate towards the policing community that is going on today.

Now the media reporting is so negative that the public is taught to hate us. Amazingly, leftist politicians are a conduit enforcing this attitude.


As a retired Detroit Police Commander, I, Anthony L. Fierimonte, Ph.D., need your help
to actively support those legislators who strongly back our law enforcement
community. We will seek out and financially support senators, congressmen,
governors, mayors and candidates that will do the following:

  • Enact legislation making any type of violence against the police a felony offense
  • Support and increase funding for police safety equipment and technology
  • Speak in a positive manner about our brothers and sisters in the police
    community and lend moral support

The U.S. Troopers & Police Program is a section 527 working under the rules
and regulations of the United States Tax Code.

Help us become the daily voice of troopers and police officers nationwide as we
remember our deceased brothers and sisters as the heroes they are. Thank you for
becoming part of our family by contributing to our cause.

Count on us and God bless,

Anthony L. Fierimonte, Ph.D